WiFi over Coaxial Cable

60.00  (74.40  inc tax)  
  • Cable Network Diplexer,
Currently, Cable Network systems usually use a 2-way splitter to combine or separate the signals for upstream and downstream. Since 2-way splitters cannot isolate the two bands effectively, interference between the upstream and downstream often becomes a problem To solve this problem...

150.00  (186.00  inc tax)  
  • CADC2465,
CAP2465 terminals are a coaxial cable WiFi Access Point solution. They have four 10-100M full duplex Ethernet ports which are able to simultaneously connect a computer, a Set Top Box(STB) or multiple other terminals. They are able to transmit network through television coaxial cable while...

4.00  (4.96  inc tax)  
  • Coaxial Cable 0.5m, RG59 -F,
Used to go between the CADC2465 WiFiTel Coaxial Access Point and the TV or the CoAx wall plate and the CADC2465 WiFitel  WiFiTel Coaxial Access Point – depending on where you choose to mount the CADC2465 WiFiTel Coaxial Access Point RG59/U Cable with F Connectors fitted on both...

500.00  (620.00  inc tax)  
  • CADC1001,
The  WiFiTel Coaxial Broadband Access solution including the CADC1001 Coaxial Converter series, CAP2465 Access Point series and Network Management Software. CADC1001 is a Coaxial Terminal Access Point Converter. It has the capability to provide the simultaneous output of Ethernet data...

990.00  (1,227.60  inc tax)  
  • RB1100-configured,
WiFiTel Mikrotik RB1100 is 1U rackmount Gigabit Ethernet router – with a dual core CPU, it can reach up to a million packets per second and supports hardware encryption! It has thirteen individual gigabit Ethernet ports, two 5-port switch groups, and includes Ethernet bypass capability. 2GB of...

1.50  (1.86  inc tax)  
  • NMS License,
Network Management License – per €1.50 Access Point / per month The WiFiTel Network Manager is the complete solution to managing your WiFi hotspots. Eliminate WiFi network problems and provide an unparalleled level of support to users with a WiFi Network Management system that gives...

5.00  (6.20  inc tax)  
  • Splitter,
5-2400 MHz 2-way gold-plated splitter/combiner is ideal for digital cable, or Internet over cable. Can also be used as a high-quality