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Privacy Policy


  1. The spiritual authority of the content (ex. programs, information, data) and the Services of our site LinkShop.GR, which have enter in Network, protected from Greek, Communal and International laws about spiritual privacy. 
  1. It is not allowed any copy, delivery, transfer, alteration, reselling, creation producing work or deception of common in point of their real supplier of the contents of our network. Any reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, report of any other use of the Content with any other way for commercial or any other purpose allows only by writing license by LinkShop.GR or any other owner of the spiritual authority. 
  1. Our electronic store LinkShop.GR has the Content (ex. information, names, photos and appearances), the products and the services that can be given “exactly as there are”. In no case the electronic shop LinkShop.GR does not bring responsibility for by any chance requirements legal or urban and/or penal nature neither for by any chance damage (positive, special or negative, which indicatively and no restrictively, disjunctive and/or accumulatively consists loss of profits, data, leaked profits, pecuniary satisfaction etc) from visitors of network place or third from cause that has relation with the operation or not and/or the use of network place and/or in weakness of benefit of services and/or information that is been disposed by this and/or by any chance not allowed interventions third in products and/or services and/or information that is sold via this. 
  1. The use of network place should become exclusively for legal aims and with way that would not limit or prevents his use from third person. The visitor is compelled to use the network place according to the law, the virtuous customs and present terms, and to proceed in action or omissions that can cause damage or dysfunction in this, influence or place at risk the benefit of services of LinkShop.GR 
  1. The present network place likely it includes references in network places third person. LinkShop.GR is not accountable for the content of these pages as well as for any damage it results from their use, such as the visitor has access in them with his own responsibility. 
  1. The electronic store LinkShop.GR overwhelms each possible effort for the good operation of network place, does not guarantee however that the operations of network place or servers will be continuous or without no type fault, exempted from viruses or other similar elements. 
  1. The electronic store LinkShop.GR maintains the right to modify, it adds, it alters the content or the services of network place, as well as the terms of use, whenever it judges him necessary and without previous warning, with alone their statement via the network place. 
  1. The names, pictures, logos and discreet traits that represent LinkShop.GR or third parts and the products or their services, are exclusive signals of LinkShop.GR or third parts protected from the relative laws about commercial signals. Their appearance in the network place should not at no way be considered as transfer or cession of authorization or right their use. 
  1. Regarding the use of wireless network products and radio equipment, the end user, must regulate and use the products under the provision of the current Greek law, namely ΠΔ 44/2002. The LinkShop.GR, bears no responsibility for any violation of law made by the end user of such equipment.
  2. The visit of network place presupposes the unconditional acceptance of below terms and the use of services of LinkShop.GR presupposes the unconditional acceptance of general terms of benefit of services of LinkShop.GR, as these are presented in the corresponding services.