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About our company


LinkShop is a part of the commercial activity by ΗellasCom L.T.D.
This company is in the place of telecommunications since 1998.
LinkShop can offer high quality of services in companies and in individuals. Take advantage of the lowest prices in computer products. High quality of products with the support of HellasCom. Our target is the supply of equipments in prices for all. Internet allows us of low operating cost so as we can offer you the best and most accurate service in the lowest prices.
Easily and economically you choose the products that you want trough the screen of your computer and they can be delivered soon in your place. Most of the products that we offer trough quality check. So we know for sure what is best for you. Do not hesitate to ask for information before you buy something.
            We organized all our products in categories so you can easily navigate and find what you want.
Our first priority is to increase the variety we have to offer without compromising the quality. We would be glad to hear your proposals.
        In LinkShop we always try to have the best prices. All the prices do not have
any hidden costs as transportations expenses or other type of expenses but we list the complete overall price list.
            Our ways of payment are clear and flexible as our ways of dispatching too.
We would like to assure you that shopping in LinkShop will always be a nice experience!
Any ideas and feedback appreciated!

            We wish you happy buys!

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