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ARRIS is a global innovator in IP, video and broadband technology. We have continually worked with our customers to transform the experience of entertainment and communications for millions of people around the world. The people of ARRIS are dedicated to the success of our customers, bringing a passion for invention that has fueled our history: We created digital TV, delivered the first wireless broadband gateway and are pioneering the standards and pathways for tomorrow's personalized, Ultra HD, multiscreen, and cloud services. We are dedicated to meeting today's challenges and preparing for the tasks the future holds. Collaborating with our customers, ARRIS will continue to solve the most pressing challenges of 21st century communications. Together, we are inventing the future.

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  • ZoneFlex 2741,
The Smartest 802.11g Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point There Is, Delivering Range, Reliability with Dynamic Beamforming No high-end wireless system or low-end consumer access point (AP) delivers all the advanced features and functionality of ZoneFlex 2741. Deployed individually, or as a...

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  • ZoneFlex 2942,
The World’s Smartest 802.11g Access Point with Adaptive Wi-Fi Signaling, Reliable Meshing and Automatic Interference Avoidance ZoneFlex 2942 offers features and functions not available in any low-end consumer access point (AP) or high-end wireless LAN (WLAN) system. Yet,...

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  • ZoneFlex 7025,
Multiservice 802.11n Wired/Wireless Wall Switch The ZoneFlex 7025 integrates high speed 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi technology with wired Ethernet ports into an elegant, inconspicuous and low-profile wall jack that fits into an electrical junction box. It’s ideal for offering multiple...

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  • ZoneFlex 7300 Series,
High Performance, 802.11n Mid-Range Smart Wi-Fi Access Points with Dynamic Beamforming View the 7343 Wi-Fi Certification View the 7363 Wi-Fi Certification Now cost-minded enterprises have a sleek and low-profile purpose-built AP for delivering...

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  • ZoneFlex 7761-CM,
The first high performance strand-mounted 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi access point with cable modem The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7761-CM is a the first purpose-build strand-mounted access point to combine dual-band 802.11n patented smart antenna array technology with an integrated DOCSIS 3.0...

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  • ZoneFlex 7762,
The Fastest 802.11n Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point There is, Delivering Range, Reliability with Dynamic Beamforming The first concurrent, dual-band (2.4/5Ghz) outdoor 802.11n access point, the ZoneFlex 7762 is in a class by itself. Ideal for enterprises looking to extend their wireless...

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  • ZoneFlex 7762-AC,
The most robust 802.11n Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point available, delivering range, reliability with Dynamic Beamforming custom fit for service providers The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762-AC and 7762-S-AC are the industry’s first 802.11n outdoor access points featuring purpose built...

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  • ZoneFlex 7762-S,
World’s First Concurrent 2.4/5GHz 802.11n Sector Access Point for unprecedented range, throughput and reliability The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762-S is the industry’s first 802.11n outdoor access point featuring a long-range, high-gain sectorized smart antenna array that...

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  • ZoneFlex 7962,
Ultra-fast and Reliable Wireless with the First Dual-Band 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi Access Point with Dynamic Beamforming Now enterprise companies can easily and affordably build higher-speed 802.11n wireless networks that deliver wire-like reliability and consistent performance at range....