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Global PTT services utilize well established 3G/Wifi network
Cost-effective professional trunked features
Easy-to-deploy & Easy-to-expand network
Large coverage & less limit in capacity
IP54 with a professional appearance

W60 / W65Global PTT service

Users can use PTT service globally via public operator’s existing mature 2G/3G network.

W60 / W653G/GSM (GPRS) / WIFI transmission

It provides flexible ways of using PTT service under various radio environments, if WIFI is on, WIFI will be the first choice for transmission; if WIFI is off, then 3G comes first, then 2G.

W60 / W65NFC (optional) /Bluetooth

NFC and Bluetooth function modules bring more possibilities for extended use, like patrol system, or other third-party applications.

W60 / W65More accurate positioning: A-GPS

A-GPS (GPS with assistance of base-station in public radio network), GPS module sends the initial GPS data to base-station, after analyzed by base-station, the data will be returned to GPS module for further processing.

W60 / W65Remote Programming over the air via public radio network enables lower customer OPEX

Users can modify the setting for the two-way radio through web-based management platform or App in smart phone, then the modified parameters will be sent to radio via 2G/3G network automatically.

W60 / W65Remain user operation habits of critical communication

With supporting basic functions of professional two-way radio, like voice services (all call / group call / private call / alert call etc); Text message (manual message / pre-programmable text); Tone alert ( incoming call / outgoing call/text message/talk permit / low battery ) etc, users don’t need too much extra training for POC two-way radios.

W60 / W65Advanced signaling service

It supports functions radio kill/stun / revive, radio monitor, ambiance listening, roaming to enable flexible management.


General Transmitter Receiver
Communication Mode & Frequency Band 3G: WCDMA 850Mhz+900Mhz+1900Mhz+2100Mhz
2G: GSM 850M+900M+1800M+1900Mhz
WIFI: 2.4Ghz
RF Power Output 2G: 2W ± 0.5W
3G: 0.25W ± 0.1W
Frequency Stability ±0.1 ppm
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ + 50℃ Frequency Stability ±0.1 ppm Sensitivity 2G: BER < 0.001 when Îor = 1µV;
3G: BER < 0.001 when Îor = 1µV
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ + 80℃ Audio Distortion 5% (typical) Rated Audio Power 1W
Power Supply DC 3.7V     Rated Audio Distortion 5% (typical)
Battery 3600mAh Li-ion (Standard)/5200mAh Li-ion (Optional)        
Dimension (H*W*D) (with battery, without antenna) 115mm*54mm*30mm        
Weight (with battery and antenna) 330g        
Display 160*128 pixels, monochrome LCD screen        
Dustproof & Waterproof IP54        
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