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Z-400 Low Loss Cable - 100m Spool

730 days
Weight: 11.70 kg per item
With VAT 341.00 
Volumetric weight: 11.7kg
Available with order
Delivery on 4 - 7 Days

EZ-400, 100 meter Spool.

EZ-400 coaxial cable is designed for a wide variety of applications requiring low loss RF cable, including outdoor antenna installations and jumper cable assemblies used in wireless communications.

It is constructed with a UV resistant polyethylene jacket for outdoor use.

This cable is also designed for easy installation with maximum flexibility and bendability and is compatible with a wide variety of connectors.

Ehanced for usage from 2GHz up to 6GHz


Electrical  Specifications :
Cutoff Frequency 16.2 GHz
Velocity of Propagation 85%
Impedance 50 ohms
Capacitance 23.9 pF/ft (78.4 pF/m)
DC Resistance Inner Conductor Outer Conductor

1.39 ohms/1000ft (10.5 ohms/km)

1.65 ohms/1000ft (12.8 ohms/km)

Peak Power 16 kW
Jack Spark 8000 Volts RMS
Cable Construction:
Inner Conductor Solid Bare Copper (BC) / Aluminum 0.11 in (2.8 mm)
Dielectric Foam Polyethylene 0.285 in (7.24 mm)
Outer Conductor Aluminum Tape 0.291 in (7.39 mm)
Capacitance 23.9 pF/ft (78.4 pF/m)
Braid 34 AWG Tinned Copper, 90% coverage 0.32 in (8.13 mm)
Jacket Black PVC/PE 0.405 in ±.008 in (10.29 mm ±0.2 mm)
Mechanical and Environmental Specifications:
Minimum Bend Radius 1.0 in (25.4 mm)
Tensile Strength 160 lb (72.6 kg)
Cable Weight 0.068 lb/ft (1.0 kg/m)
Operating Temperature Range -49°F to +149°F (-45°C to +65°C)

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